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Australia is a popular destination for international students from around the world. Home to leading universities, it offers a relaxed, affordable study experience and strong career opportunities in some of the world’s most livable cities in the world

Australia has 37 government-funded universities located in Australia and 2 private universities. its 25 Australian institutions in the 2019 QS World University Rankings top 500. Seven of them are in the top 100. The highest-ranked of these is The Australian National University, University of Melbourne, and the University of Sydney. Moreover, there are many private vocational and Higher education colleges. Which offers a wide variety of courses which comes under your budget. All the student visas applications will be applied online through Immigration Portal .We are registered agent for Melbourne polytechnic you can refer to the college website  Click Here

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Following should serve as a quick way to explain how your workflow and process is going to happen.



Think about which courses you are interested in, and if they will lead into your chosen career. Carefully research courses, institutions and their locations. Consider the areas of specialisation offered through different courses, and which specialisations will best suit your intended career path. Once you have decided on the best course, you need to find out which education providers offer it, and which provider best suits your requirements. You might like to consider the size of the campus, the available facilities and the support services available to international students.



Once you have chosen your course and education provider, it is time to apply. Check the entrance and English language requirements to make sure you are eligible. If not, you may have to consider a different course, or even bridging or foundation study, which may increase your chances. Contact your education provider and ask about their application requirements and application dates, as these will differ for each provider. Make a note of important deadlines and make sure you meet them. Remember to allow for postal times when sending forms by mail. International students mostly apply through official representative of Australian institutions online You can either download application forms from institute websites or request the forms to be emailed. Your application form will ask you which course(s) you are applying for and give you details of the documentation you need to supply. Most application forms require the following: personal details certified proof of your level of English language proficiency details of previous educational qualifications, such as academic transcripts course preferences (the course you are applying for) a summary of employment experience (if applicable). If you are still completing your education you can provide evidence of your most recent marks until it is possible to provide your final marks. If the documents you supply are not in English, you must provide an official certified translation. Most institutions charge a non-refundable application fee of around AUD$50 to $100 that must be included with your application. Some institutions waive this fee if the application is made online. Before sending your application, check your visa requirements with your local Australian embassy to ensure you will qualify for a visa if your application is successful. If at any time in the application process you are uncertain how to proceed, do not hesitate to contact your education provider they are there to help you.



Once the education provider receives your application it will be assessed and you will be notified of the result. Be prepared to be patient as it may be a few weeks (longer for postgraduate and PHD applications) before your application is processed.



If your application is accepted you will receive a letter of offer and an acceptance form. Before accepting the offer, you should carefully read the letter of offer and check any conditions that may apply. Depending on your country of nationality you may be required to undergo a GTE process before the institution issues an electronic Confirmation of Enrolment (eCoE). The eCoE is the only accepted evidence of enrolment for processing student visa applications. You are required to pay tuition fees before applying for the student visa. The institution will advise you of its requirements but generally it will require payment of at least one semester of course fees.


Visa Lodgement

Now that your education provider has accepted you, it is time to apply for your student visa which will be logged online from Immigration Website . Organized your Overseas Student Health Cover which is compulsory in order to apply for a visa, Your education provider will typically send you an admissions package, with information that will help you adjust to Australia in your first couple of weeks. This might include information on your course, accommodation options, facts about the city you will live in, financial information and details about orientation programs.