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University Selection or Admission Guidance

There is no such thing as an information vacuum. When there is a lack of hard information, hearsay fills the gap. The ability to promptly communicate key messages and information to target audiences can improve perceptions of products and services. It is only these principles which can provide a long term professional relationship with the clients on the quality of information.

So we are here to help out in resolving the queries of our students and giving them complete and relevant information about their institute and their admission process without any communication gap. At Horizon International, we provide full admission assistance in international institute and also will help out in selecting the institute on tailored basis.

Our qualified consultants are there to provide prospective students with the information and tools they will need to choose appropriate educational options around the globe. We can help the student choose between short-term, semester and full-year programs. Options like undergraduate programs and graduate programs. We are committed to ensuring that
students receive a worthwhile and productive experience.

We have many reputed Colleges and Universities on our panel in which students find a good learning environment and also stabilize themselves in their career.

The exciting experience of international study offers an exceptional chance for self-discovery and personal growth that can change a student’s life .We at Horizon International guide students and their families through every step of this important decision-making process. We guide through:

  • lnstitute’s Admission  Requirements
  • Provide Course Outlines and Fees
  • Filling Out The Admission  Forms
  • Required  Documentation  For Admission

Visa Assistance

International students who wish to study abroad needs to apply for their entry clearance/student visa before their travel to their desired destination. International Students are also required to arrange their admission acceptance letter before applying their visa and also be eligible to prove that can support their study and living expenses while doing their study abroad.

Horizon International provides the visa assistance to the students and maintains a high rate of visa success rate from its inception. We offer a reliable and trustworthy visa support to the students. The visa counselors are well experienced and regularly updated with the visa changes, rules, guidelines, and procedures for the visa. We help in:

  • Guiding The Required Documents for Visa Application
  • Arranging Admission  Acceptance Letter for Student
  • Guiding the Student with Visa Policy and Rules
  • Assisting In Preparation of Visa Application According

To the requirement

Pre-Departure Information

We also assist our students before their travel to foreign country. We guide them thoroughly about the culture, environment, travelling and living of their destination country. We also guide them about that foreign country’s weather, clothing, and precautions to be safe from the diseases and about the cheap food. We provide students the links of all the relevant legislation and other departments before travel as this information will be helpful and necessary for them in their future.


Most of our students ask us about the accommodation arrangements so we also help them in arranging a good residence at minimum distance from their institute. We arrange their accommodation with lowest cost and with all the basic necessities.

This service may also be able to arrange temporary accommodation for students when they first arrive in their selected destination for study. Different options are available for students and it totally depends on their choice. For instance, university halls of residence are very popular and require students to apply for a room well in advance, whereas rental accommodation is generally available and can be organized when you arrive. Most of the students live on room sharing basis and others go for different options. We fully help them for this and also guide about the option which will be most feasible for them.